Hardwood Flooring Trends 2020

Hardwood remains the most popular flooring choice for homeowners across the country. While other trends flow in and out of style, hardwood has always kept its status as a timeless look. You can count on almost all new constructions and renovations to feature hardwood in a prominent area of the home. It’s just what buyers are looking for! 

So, you’ve decided on hardwood, but what style? There are so many options to consider: the wood, the stain, the finish. It can be hard to settle on the right one. But, you can take comfort in knowing the top home designers today ask themselves the same questions! Let us do some of the work for you as we cover the top hardwood trends of 2020:

Dark hardwood

For homes that prioritize style over maintenance, the trend of installing dark hardwood flooring has been on the rise and doesn’t seem to be slowing down now. Dark hardwood is synonymous with drama and having dark flooring opens up a world of wall color options.  From ebony to deep browns, dark hardwood floors look luxurious. Cool-toned hardwood

Cool-toned hardwood

Cool-toned hardwood flooring is the hottest new trend for many new townhomes and apartment complexes. Aimed at attracting a younger buyer and renter, this trend has been gaining popularity over the past few years. This style of flooring works best with walls decorated in cool tones. And, since dark hardwood is easier to keep clean and maintain, cool-toned hardwood floors make a lot of sense for your home. Consider this cool-toned style, like many designers, and replace dark hardwood with cool-toned hardwood to stay on trend for 2020.

Grey and grey blends

Grey hardwood floors are another popular choice among new homeowners and first-time renovators. Many new constructions go for a grey color scheme to enhance neutral furniture. Certain woods can be stained grey, so refinishing rather than replacing your existing hardwood floor may be something to consider. 


Light and natural 

Light, natural hardwood flooring is timeless. And compared to dark flooring, light hardwood floors show less dirt and scratches. Another benefit to lighter floors is that they tend to make rooms look larger rather than smaller. While the trend today might seek to drown out more of the yellowish tint for a contemporary look, it’s still tried and tested. It can also give you more flexibility in the color and style of your furniture than other hardwood.

Solid hardwood

Hardwood flooring, as a rule, increases the value of your home. How much, however, depends on the quality of the wood. Popular types of hardwood flooring include oak, hickory, and maple. Once installed, hardwood is known for its durability and transformative effect on the space. Whether its purpose is a powerful selling-point or revamping the flooring you have always dreamed of, let us help you every step of the way. Solid hardwood can last 100+ years. It consistently holds up to heavy use, and allows homeowners to sand, refinish, and change the colors and styles as their preferences change.

Wider planks

There has been a shift in recent years from the standard size strips of old. Installation is faster since the wide planks take up more room per square foot than a thinner board. Many homeowners appreciate that wider planks make their space look and feel larger, and make contemporary homes feel more rustic and authentic.  

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