Pet-Friendly Flooring Options for Your Home

Best Flooring for Homes with Pets

Pets are wonderful to have around, but they can wreak havoc on your floors. Pet-friendly flooring is a necessity for any home that has dogs or cats. From tracking mud into the home to scratching the hardwood’s surface, cats and dogs can do an exceptional amount of damage in your home. When you begin to remodel your property, make sure to consider flooring options that work for your pet. Owning a pet does not mean that your home has to be completely destroyed. There are many durable flooring solutions that will not be destroyed by pets and are easy to maintain.

Warm and Durable Solutions

If you live in an all-weather region, you will want a solution that is warm and inviting. The rain and snow that are tracked in also need a type of flooring that can handle the added moisture. As a rule, hardwood flooring is not the most durable choice for pets because their claws can scratch up the wood. Instead, consider carpet-tile for your flooring. Carpet tiles are exceptionally easy to install, and their inexpensive price makes them ideal for any budget.

Carpet Tiles: This option is an excellent alternative to heavy floors. They can be easily assembled in high-use areas in just a day. Best of all, you can pick up the carpet tiles to wash in the sink or the washer. Carpet tiles are an ideal option for the areas that your pets like to be in the most.

Natural, Cool-Looking Solutions for Your Flooring

In warmer climates, homeowners need a flooring option that keeps the heat away. Stone and tile are ideal for these climates. Since these natural flooring options are exceptionally beautiful, they are often used by homeowners who are showing their home to buyers.

Tile: Tile is one of the easiest flooring options because it is simple to maintain and easy to install. For the best appearance, add some stylish rugs into your design. The rugs will help prevent your pets from sliding into the furniture or the walls as they are playing. Plus, a few added rugs will make the ground more comfortable to walk on for older pets.

Stone: Stone has been used as a flooring option for hundreds of years because it is beautiful and easy to clean. This type of flooring is ideal for pet-friendly homes because it is scratch resistant and naturally beautiful. Since it is not as slick as tile, you do not have to worry about your pets slipping around on the floor. Plus, the cool touch of the stone is great for homes in warmer areas.

Concrete: When most people think of concrete, they think of the rough stone that is used in garages and driveways. Over recent years, decorative concrete has developed a new popularity. Unlike the garage floors of the past, the new concrete options can be designed in a variety of different looks. From sleek black flooring to marble-like designs, concrete can be used for any design concept that you are looking for.

Renewable Solutions

Once you install new pet-friendly flooring, it will be a part of your home for years or decades afterward. Due to this, many homeowners are choosing green flooring options for their new floors. Options like cork and bamboo are beautiful flooring options. Best of all, they are ideal for your pets to use.

Bamboo: Bamboo is one of the hardest types of woods, which makes it exceptionally durable. Currently, green companies are trying to figure out ways to tissue culture large bamboos because of their amazing growth ability. Some types of bamboos can grow several feet in a day, which makes bamboo a green alternative to traditional wood floors. Plus, bamboo is water-resistant, exceptionally durable and easy to clean.

Cork: Cork absorbs sound well, which makes it ideal for homes with chattier dogs and cats. This pet-friendly flooring option also has natural antimicrobial properties, so it can reduce allergens and mold in your home. Since cork floors can fade over time, they are best used in rooms or regions of the country that do not receive a lot of sunlight. For the best protection, use a high-quality urethane to coat your floors. By doing this, you can prevent wear and tear over the long run.

Keeping Your Floor in Shape

Before we go through the options for pet-friendly flooring, you should first take some precautions to keep your floor safe. Start by trimming your dog’s nails. This will prevent their nails from scratching the floor and will save you on replacement flooring in the long run.

Meanwhile, move their food, water and toys to a room that is easy to clean. If you keep their food in the kitchen, it will be much easier to mop up any mess that happens. Likewise, you will want to move their toys to a room that can take the abuse or put them outside. This will prevent the floors and furniture from being harmed while your pet plays with their favorite toys.

Near the doorways to your home, place a walk-off mat. When your dog or cat walks over the mat, it will pick up some of the dirt that they drag in. Make sure that you buy a mat that can easily be put in the washer so that you do not end up with an eyesore in your entryway.

Finding Pet-Friendly Flooring Solutions That Last

Your main goal is to find a flooring option that is easy to maintain and durable. The previous options can add value to your home and prevent your pets from damaging the floor. Best of all, many of these options are cheaper than traditional flooring and are mildew-resistant. With the right pet-friendly flooring, you can relax and not worry about the damage that your pet may cause.

Photo Credit: Rich Walker75 via Compfight cc