Choosing the Best Carpet for a Home with Pets

Pet-friendly Flooring

If you live in one of the 85 million homes in the U.S. that have a pet, you know how important it is to take your pet into consideration when replacing your flooring. Carpet continues to be a popular flooring option in homes with pets because of its many desired traits. Regardless of the type of carpet that you select, you may appreciate the fact that it is soft under your feet. It adds colorful texture the home, and it buffers noises to promote a comfortable ambiance in active households. However, issues like pet stains, hair, and more can be serious challenges when carpeting covers your floor. These factors may transform a beautiful carpet into an eyesore. The good news is that some styles of carpeting are well-suited for homes with pets. When you know what to look for, you can take full advantage of the benefits of carpet without pet-related concerns.

Best Color of Carpet for Pets

You may assume that the best color of carpet for pets is the darkest color available, but this is not necessarily true. Light-colored pet hair will stand out on a dark rug. When selecting a color, try to settle on a color that will look great with your décor and that is closely matched to your pet’s fur color. To minimize the appearance of everything from stains to muddy paw prints, hair and more, look for carpeting with a tight pattern or an intricate design. Also, it may be easier to vacuum pet hair from a carpet that as a shorter, tighter pile.

Best Carpet to Resist Stains for Pets

The three main types of carpet are nylon, olefin and wool. Even the most well-behaved, potty-trained animals can have an accident from time to time. This type of mess can be combined with spots from an upset tummy and other issues. Among the three primary types of carpet available, nylon is often viewed as being a top pick for pet owners because it balances wear, cost and stain resistance. Because of the dying processes used, the color is embedded in the fibers to resist fading from wear as well. Nylon carpet is available in a wide range of styles, and some styles mimic the look of wool. However, if you prefer wool carpeting, you can apply a stain-resistant product to it to promote its continued longevity and appeal. Olefin shares some of the same stain-resistant properties as nylon, but its fibers could be damaged by pet nails. This can be prevented by keeping your pet’s nails trimmed neatly.

Top Carpet Styles to Consider

As you search for the right carpeting for your home, your pets are an important factor consider. However, you also need to find a material that is affordable for your budget. It should be easy to maintain and complementary to your décor. A great place to start your search is with nylon carpets that are both textured and multi-toned. You can also consider products that have specifically been created for homes with pets and that are pre-treated for stain resistance. Keep in mind that even carpets that are not pre-treated during the manufacturing process can be treated properly during the installation process. Your regular cleaning and maintenance efforts will also play a major role in the presence of stains and pet hair regardless of the type of carpeting that you select. The care requirements will vary by carpet material and type, so look for a material that is easy to maintain.

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