Carpet Is A Great Flooring Option

We know that the durability of tile and the beauty of hardwood has been extensively praised throughout the years. However, there is a reason that carpet sales consistently outpace those of other floor coverings. Here are 10 reasons why we believe that wall-to-wall carpet will remain a go-to flooring option for modern households.

#1 Eco-friendly Carpet Versions Available

Carpeting floors used to mean installing rolls of synthetic materials that were saturated with volatile organic compounds and other toxic chemicals that impair indoor air quality for years after initial installation. Also, health-harming flame retardants are usually found in the foam padding that lies beneath most conventional carpeting. More sustainable carpeting options are available to today’s homeowners. Eco-friendly carpeting materials include wool, wool and silk blends and sea grass. Wool, natural rubber and cotton are a few non-toxic padding choices. Even conventional carpeting materials trap dust and airborne allergens which would otherwise aggravate respiratory conditions. Homeowners can then remove the dust particles by vacuuming with a high-quality vacuum cleaner.

#2 Warmth and Insulation

Very few people enjoy placing their feet on cold, hard floors first thing in the morning. Those who have wall-to-wall carpeting installed do not have to subject themselves to this disagreeable way of preparing for a new day. Carpeting is warmer to the touch than hardwood, tile and stone. When paired with quality padding, it also provides floors with an extra insulating layer that reduces energy bills.

#3 Noise Reduction

The insulating benefits of wall-to-wall carpets also reduce noise levels throughout a home. When carpet is installed on second-story floors, the sounds of footsteps, stereos and television sets are dampened. This feature is particularly noticeable for households that have active children and pets.

#4 Available Colors

The color choices for carpets are nearly endless, and we’ve seen that some interior designers create signature fashion statements through the clever use of color. For instance, they can make large rooms look cozier and more inviting by using deeper hues for carpeting. Also, carpets that display accent colors against neutral backgrounds are on trend.

#5 Wide Choice of Patterns and Textures

We’ve also seen an uptick in professional interior decorators and do-it-yourself remodelers taking advantage of available pattern and texture options for carpeting to add drama to contemporary room designs. In these homes, subtle carpeting patterns coordinate with window covering and furniture fabrics. Designers also create upscale looks by using our textured carpets to provide a contrast for clean-line, modern furnishings.

#6 Softness

Many families desire a home that exudes comfort and well-being for all who shelter there. Wall-to-wall carpet, which feels soft and luxurious to the touch, helps to provide that atmosphere. Our clients who have toddlers and small children who are just learning to walk often choose carpeting to cover all or part of their homes’ floors.

#7 The Price Is Right

Carpets can last up to 10 years if they are properly cleaned and maintained according to leading manufacturers of our quality brands. Carpeting installation is usually less expensive per square foot than installing hardwood floors. Also, installing hardwood flooring is more labor intensive than installing carpet throughout a home. While prices vary by region, carpeting can cost between $3 and $5 per square foot; hardwood floor installations cost between $9 and $12 per square foot.

#8 Low Maintenance

We’ve found that busy households need all the help that they can get when it comes to keeping their homes clean and neat. Carpeting is a relatively low-maintenance floor covering that usually requires only weekly vacuuming and yearly professional deep cleaning. Alternately, hardwood and laminate floors must be swept and mopped more often than carpeting. Families with small children and pets often need to sweep hardwood floors daily to maintain tidy homes.

#9 Slip Resistant

Many of our customers are caretakers for aging parents or grandparents as well as for their own children. This is often a contributing factor when they choose wall-to-wall carpet over other floor materials. Carpeting provides a slip resistant surface that reduces incidences of dangerous falls for elderly household members. Wall-to-wall carpets with thick piles are usually more difficult to navigate for those in wheelchairs; we recommend carpeting that has a thinner pile and quality padding to accommodate wheelchair use. The youngest of family members also benefit from floors that resist slips and cushion falls as they learn to walk and play at home.

#10 Excellent Manufacturer Warranties

Deciding to install wall-to-wall carpeting is a significant home improvement investment, and homeowners always want the assurance that they are purchasing the right product for their unique needs. Investigating product warranties often helps them in the decision-making process. Today’s wall-to-wall carpet warranties go beyond the basic wear warranty that just assures that carpets will not fall apart with normal use. Our clients can now get texture retention, fade resistance, soil resistance and stain resistance warranties.