What’s the Difference between Berber, Frieze, and Plush carpeting?

Deciding between Berber, Frieze and plush carpet for your upcoming carpet installation project is not an easy feat. These are all beautiful styles with extensive benefits and undeniable appeal. However, they have unique benefits that you need to understand before you select a gorgeous material that is a good fit for your expectations and lifestyle at home.

Exciting Variations in Carpet Styles

Wool and nylon are popular materials used to make many types of luxury carpets today. The material used to make your carpet can impact stain resistance, wear and other factors. In addition to the differences in materials, there are variations in the thickness of the pile, if the loops are cut or intact and more. These and other variations affect everything from the look and feel of the carpeting to its longevity, its ability to hide dirt and more. Because the more popular styles of carpeting in homes today are Berber, Frieze and plush, a detailed review of these options is the next step in your search for new carpet for your home.

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet has a unique look thanks to its closed-loop design. The loops have a tight weave, and this makes Berber carpet highly durable against wear from foot traffic. The design also has reduced absorbency. Because of this, you will have more time to clean spills before they are set in the carpet. The loops also may feel soft and cushy underneath your bare feet.

Berber carpet does have some disadvantages. For example, the closed loops can snag easily, and this damage creates a frayed, worn look. Generally, Berber carpet is not practical for homes with children or pets for this reason.

Frieze Carpet

Frieze carpet, on the other hand, has an open-loop design. The tufts are wound tighter than with the traditional plush carpet that you may be familiar with, and the piles are cut to create an ultra-soft surface. The unique design of Frieze carpet results in the fibers laying in a haphazard fashion rather than straight up. As a result, Frieze carpet is ideal for rooms with heavy foot traffic. The carpet shows minimal signs of wear, and it also will not show vacuum marks. Because of these factors, the flooring may look clean and well-maintained for a longer period of time.

Plush Carpet

Like Frieze, plush carpet has open loops. The pile is available in a wide range of heights, and this impacts the overall softness of the material underneath your feet. An important difference between plush and Frieze carpet is that plush carpet is sheared evenly during the manufacturing process. All of the piles are one height and stand erect. As a result, plush carpet will show foot and vacuum marks more easily. Nonetheless, plush carpet can be durable in high-traffic areas when a quality material is selected.

Choosing Carpet for Your Home

Most styles of carpet may look gorgeous in your home immediately after installation, but you want your carpet to continue enhancing the ambiance for many years to come. While color and style are undeniably important factors to consider when choosing new carpet, think about the type of traffic that the specific area of your home will receive. Will the carpet be exposed to mild foot traffic or heavy pet traffic? Are spills and stains likely? After defining these factors, narrow down the options based on your budget and style preferences.

Learn More about the Beautiful Carpet Options Today

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