Hardwood Flooring In Your Kitchen? Definitely.

Homeowners with tile or laminate flooring in their kitchen can often be scared to make a switch
to hardwood flooring. After all, there is a lot that happens in a kitchen that can cause damage to
any type of flooring. And given the cost and high quality of hardwood, many do not want to risk
losing their investment over a few dropped eggshells. This article should put your concerns to rest.
Below, we will go over some benefits of making the switch to hardwood!


Hardwood is increasingly popular in kitchens around the country. Almost all new kitchen
designs featured on social media, blog posts, and house makeover shows feature hardwood
flooring in the kitchen. Modern design style pushes seamless transitions from room to room, and
with most modern housing having hardwood throughout the home it makes perfect sense to why
modern designers go for that look. At the end of the day, you simply will not get that timeless
look and feel in artificial flooring.


One of the biggest concerns people have is the potential for water damage. It is no shock that tile
is the more water resistant flooring option for your kitchen, but hardwood is not too far behind. If
your hardwood has been properly installed and coated, any spill that is cleaned up quickly will
be no problem. Only spills that have been left sitting for an abnormally long period of time can
damage the wood. Make sure to check out our blog post about maintaining your hardwood floors
for some tips and tricks. In addition, a hardwood’s durability depends on the species of wood.
Make sure to bring this up with our experts when selecting your hardwood!


Hardwood can match any design you have in your home currently. Whether it be contemporary.
modern, or even a traditional farmhouse kitchen remodel, there will be a style of hardwood that
fits the spirit of the room.

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