Serene Spaces

Our homes serve as our refuge from the world. The busy world continues outside as we arrive home at the end of each hectic day. We cross the threshold, kick off our shoes, and prepare to unwind.

Try these tips for building serenity and calm into your spaces:

  • Color definitely affects our mindset. Soothing colors include soft neutrals, verdant greens, calm blues, and pastels. Brighter colors such as purple or yellow can be calming, if they are tempered with a dose of gray.
  • Symmetry is calming. Asymmetrical placement of furnishings, light fixtures and art pieces keeps the mind unbalanced and wondering what to expect. Symmetry brings balance and allows for relaxation.
  • There is nothing like collapsing into softness at the end of a busy day. Fabrics, rugs, carpets, and pillows add texture and softness to our spaces. Upholstery feels cozy and rugs dampen the sound in a space with hard surface floors.
  • Sunny days uplift our spirits, and interior lighting is a factor when it’s time to unwind. Soft lighting, lamps with warm bulbs, and even candlelight help to bring serenity.

Let your home become your retreat from the world.