Top ten ways to make your house look “expensive.”

Many homeowners today desire a home-space that looks and feels luxurious but don’t want to sacrifice their hard-earned money on a costly renovation or redesign. Classic Floor Designs has some tips and tricks to accomplish a more expensive-looking house on a budget.

1. Give the illusion of higher ceilings

It’s easier than you think. Consider raising your window treatments or hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling. Either will give the illusion of height. Painting your ceiling a lighter color than your walls, if you haven’t already, makes the space feel brighter and larger too.

2. Bring in a large area rug

Small rugs can end up dwarfing the size of your room. Instead, opt for an area rug that will make the space feel larger and airier. A bigger rug does not have to be any more expensive or less durable than a small rug.

3. Hang art on the walls

An undecorated wall can make a space feel cheap and barren. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to get art on the walls. Professional photos and picture frame deals are very easy to find online; just a few pieces of art in each room go a long way in making your home feel richer.

4. Update old fixtures

A common feature that often gets overlooked is old fixtures which can keep a home stuck in a previous decade. Door knobs, light switches, and outlets are relatively inexpensive details that can give your home a high-end feel once updated.

5. Put in a backsplash

A backsplash can light up a space at a low cost. These are great for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

6. Add some mirrors

When placed correctly, mirrors make a space seem more spacious and inviting. The pleasing aesthetic a mirror brings can increase the perceived value of the room it’s in.

7. Use bookshelves for more than books

A bookshelf doesn’t need to look like it belongs in a 19th century library. Use it as the perfect space to add some photos and interesting trinkets and bring some life to the room. A basic rule of thumb: one-third books, one-third accessories, and one-third empty space per shelf.

8. Add a statement piece

Depending on how you want to budget, splurging on a rug, dining room table, or sofa might not be a bad idea. If it’s the right fit, that one piece can be all you need, just surround it with less expensive accessories.

9. Incorporate texture

Focusing on one texture will dull the style of your home. Incorporating a variety of woods, metals, glass, and woven material will create a collected look if properly placed.

10. Simplify

Adding too many items to a room can come off as tacky. Focus on simplifying the space by paring things down. Giving items space to breath will let them shine.

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