Wool Area Rugs – Why We Love Them

After installing a beautiful hardwood floor in your home, you understandably want to dress up the floor with the perfect area rug. The right area rug can enhance the ambiance in your home by buffering sounds, infusing the space with color, and more. However, with so many types of area rugs for you to consider, how can you know which rug is a good fit for your home?

For many homeowners, a wool area rug is the perfect option. Wool is a natural material that has numerous exceptional benefits. In fact, once you get to know more about its attributes, you may be ready to start searching for a new wool rug for your space.

The Versatility and Durability of Wool Area Rugs

A typical synthetic fiber will bend approximately 100 times before it breaks. Synthetic materials are also prone to staining, and they often must be specially treated with chemicals to reduce the likelihood of staining from spills and other mishaps. In comparison, wool has natural properties that make it highly stain resistant. Furthermore, wool fibers can bend up to 20,000 before you notice signs of wear. With this in mind, you can expect your next wool area rug to provide you with many years of low-maintenance use.

A Flame-Resistant Area Rug

Many people do not realize that wool is a naturally flame-resistant material. While it can burn, the fire must be very hot. More than that, the fire may burn much slower than the synthetic fibers would burn. Because of this, a wool area rug can actually elevate your family’s safety in relation to fire risks.

A Sustainable and Recyclable Material

Wool is a natural and sustainable material. While sheep grow thick wool coats to keep them warm in the winter, the coat must be removed in the warmer months for their temperature control and overall care. When you are ready to get rid of the rug, you can do so without guilt. This is because the material can be recycled. If it is tossed out, it is a biodegradable material that will break down relatively quickly.

The Positive Impact on the Home Environment

As is the case with other types of area rugs, a wool area rug will buffer sounds that may otherwise echo in a home with hardwood floors. Wool area rugs have other benefits on the home environment. Wool can naturally absorb some of the humidity in the home if the humidity level creeps higher. When the humidity level is very low, the wool can release some of the moisture to moderate the indoor environment.

The Natural Beauty of Wool Area Rugs

Wool is only one of several natural materials that are used to produce area rugs. In addition to its many unique benefits already mentioned, however, wool stands apart from other natural materials in the area of style. Because of wool’s unique composition, it holds brilliant and bold colors beautifully. It is also available in neutral or muted hues that are common with other natural materials. Because of the wide range of color options, you can enjoy the beauty of wool area rugs while achieving your design goals for your home.

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A wool area rug is a true investment that can elevate your home’s style, enhance its ambiance and provide years of hassle-free use. Before you select your next area rug, take time to explore some of the beautiful area rugs on the market today. Our associates at Classic Floor Designs are happy to answer your questions about wool area rugs and about other flooring materials. Call our team today, or connect with us online for further assistance with your flooring needs.