Vacuuming the Right Way.

Vacuuming is a key component of carpet and flooring maintenance in any home. Besides the obvious cosmetic benefits, carpets are home to unseen dust mites, pet hair, mold, dead skin cells, insect feces, and other particles. And for hardwood, a simple sweeping isn’t always enough. Something else you might not know? There is, in fact, an art to vacuuming. Below are some tips you might want to add to improve your vacuuming skills. 

Don’t wait until it looks dirty

It’s important to stick to a schedule to prevent the aforementioned gunk from accumulating. By the time your carpet looks dirty it’s probably time for a deep clean, not just a simple vacuum job. Dirt on hardwood and tile is a lot more noticeable, but it’s still important to stay ahead of things. 

Vacuum in multiple directions

Dirt and dust do not come out easily. Vacuuming in every direction will help loosen things up and get the job done. You’ll find it also saves you time whenever you vacuum next.

Don’t let your vacuum bag fill up 

Many folks let their vacuum bag fill up fully before emptying it into the trash. This adversely impacts the vacuum’s efficiency and can release dirt right back into your home. Instead, make sure to empty when its halfway full and remember to never reuse the bag itself.

Use the crevice tool!

We often forget about the corners of the room when we start vacuuming. The crevice tool is key to fully cleaning your carpet and preventing a buildup of gunk in the corners of the room. These areas tend to be neglected, leading to more cumbersome cleaning months down the road.

Take your time

This tip goes hand in hand with keeping a schedule. It’s not a great idea to start vacuuming when you’re in a rush. Dashing the vacuum across your floor for five minutes before heading out the door will do next to nothing for its health and cleanliness.

Use the right vacuum

Some vacuums are superior to others. A low-cost or smaller size vacuum will take twice the amount of time to get the job done, so consider looking for high-quality and durability when making a new purchase. Also, if you have both carpet and hardwood in your home, make sure to either purchase a specific vacuum for each or one that is labeled multi-use. 

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