How to Choose the Best Area Rug

While we often overlook rugs in our everyday spaces, they play a huge role in the look and feel of the room. And it’s no easy decision to pick one out, especially if you already have your furniture in place. Size, texture, color, pattern, and shape are not the only things to keep in mind during your search. Here are some tips on picking out that perfect rug.


How will this rug be used? Rugs have a different purpose depending on the room, whether it be a living room, bedroom, den, office, etcetera. You might want to go for more glamour in a highly visible room such as your living room, while a bedroom might be a place for a comfier rug. And never forget about color! That white rug is the perfect fit until a flimsy glass of wine or toddler gets to it.


Attempting to fit a rug to an entire room can dwarf the space. Instead, try and fit the rug to a more confined space like the seating area in a living room. This allows the rug to “anchor” the room. A good example of this is a round rug. Placing the seating area around the edges of the rug can create an aesthetically pleasing, while also practical, style. As far as a rule of thumb? Most follow Lohnes’ rule: choose a rug that is two feet shorter than the smallest wall in the room.


If you haven’t built up your room yet, it’s a great idea to start with a rug. Pick a rich color like burgundy or indigo to start, then build from there. It becomes more of a challenge to place a rug in a space currently without one, but that’s a perfect excuse to call in the experts. In fact, we offer a free in-store design consultation. So if designing a room isn’t one of your strong suits, you have nothing to fear, and it may turn out to be much easier than you think.


It is very important to come in to see and feel a rug in person before buying. You will never know if you love a rug until you see it in person, can feel the texture for yourself, and envision it in your home. The area rugs we offer include flat weave, hand-knotted Tibetan, skin rugs, needlepoint, and oriental. Each is unique, and we can guarantee you’ll find one that works great with your space. And you want to make the right choice the first time by going to a quality rug dealer. After all, this is something you will have to see and interact with on a daily basis.

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