Add a Wood Accent Wall in Your Home

Looking to bring life to a lackluster wall in your home?  Adding a focal point with a wood accent wall will add interest, texture, and dimension to your room. This trend is being adopted by top designers across the country are incorporating flooring to define the space and create a statement piece.

The style of your home and your preferred aesthetics will help you determine which type of flooring will work best on your accent wall.  The type of hardwood flooring that can be used on your walls can run the gamut from oak, cherry, or birch to bamboo.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Showcase your (and your home’s) personality

Wood walls bring warmth and natural beauty into your home while also creating a focal point. An entryway wall is an ideal place to consider because it the space that visitors first encounter so it will really make a statement. As an added bonus, a wood accent entry wall can achieve form and function; adding hooks to hang your coats and jackets or shelves to display art and photographs and convey a homey vibe.

Create a focal point

Many homeowners disregard the importance of creating a focal point in a room. Focal points create a well-balanced space and also a sense of harmony. Some homes come with a built-in focal point like a big picture window or an interesting fireplace. However, if your home lacks an existing architectural element, you can create one.  A wood accent wall is a perfect solution to garner attention, draw the eye, and give your room character.

The fifth wall

Often times a room already has a built-in focal point. For that reason, adding an accent wall can confuse the eye, clash with your existing furniture and other elements, and consequently diminish your wow factor.  Remember the fifth wall, otherwise known as your ceiling!  Eliminating your white, boring ceiling will result in a show-stopping statement. Furthermore, a hardwood ceiling will enhance your room and make it unique.

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