Marble Cleaning &
Stone Floor Polishing

Marble Cleaning

We handle all types of marble and stone floor polishing needs.

Using the correct floor polishing materials and equipment is essential. We utilize two main forms of marble polishing:

  • Powder Polishing: This is performed by chemical means with the use of dry minerals and organic acids combined with water to create different degrees of shine
  • Diamond Polishing: This form of polishing is a mechanical method. We use diamond abrasive tools with our machinery that works by creating various amounts of friction to naturally produce a sheen.

Concrete Polishing:

Polished concrete floors are harder and stronger than any other flooring system available, resist oil and contamination from external substances, do not lift or peel, and are the most economical flooring solution available today.

In addition to being very cost effective for our customers, polishing your concrete floors offer virtually zero downtime for installation and are immune to moisture and vapor related issues. Polishing concrete floors is a one-time process that does not require any maintenance or renewal. Not to mention, they offer the longest lifespan of any other flooring option.

Additional Services for Marble and Concrete:

Restoration Polishing Cleaning Sealing Honing
Grinding Scratch Removal Color Enhancement Maintenance